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Let's Get Your House

First, A Little About Myself

I am very entrepreneurial, motivated, and results oriented. I have started several successful Internet-based businesses from scratch, and am familiar with all aspects of business management and sales. I am conscientious, highly reliable, and easy to get along with.

In 1994, I started an Internet company called InterWeb Connections Inc, which offered Internet marketing services to over 400 companies. I have 23 years of Internet marketing experience. Therefore, I know how to market your home online. Remember, 90% of Buyers start their search online and it is usually the Buyer who tells their REALTOR® what properties they want to view! This is why it is critical to have a strong online presence.

I became a REALTOR® in 2009, so if you are looking for an experienced REALTOR® who is dedicated to customer service with a solid track record of customer satisfaction, I would love to work with you to get your home SOLD!

It's really quite a simple equation:
The Right Price + Aggressive Online Marketing = Your home SOLD!

You must first start out with the accurate pricing of your home. Then, once we have your home priced right, I will heavily market your home to both potential Buyers, as well as other REALTORS®. I will work hard to sell your home, but if your home is overpriced, all my extensive marketing efforts will go to waste.

Mls® Exposure

As a REALTOR® I give your home full MLS® exposure on and Private Client Services™ (PCS). I put up a highly-visible For Sale Sign, do Feature Sheets, and advertise your home in the local newspaper. Truth is, most REALTORS® do that. However, my value proposition includes much, much more!

I Write A Great Description

I am always surprised by how many properties have minimal or poorly written descriptions. Worse yet are listings with descriptions riddled with errors. I triple check to make sure all the information is complete and accurate. And I take the time to write a GREAT DESCRIPTION that will jump off the page and grab the Buyer.

I Pay For Gorgeous Photos

I hire a “Photo Pro” to take attractive photos. Everyone knows first impressions are important. GORGEOUS PHOTOS are vital to attract Buyers because 97% of homebuyers who searched for a home on the Internet found photos to be among the most useful features. Bad photos will diminish interest in even the greatest of properties.

I Pay For A Floor Plan

I also have a FLOOR PLAN done of your home, and post that online as one of the photos. Buyers love this!

I Pay For A Virtual Tour

FACT: An online listing with a VIRTUAL TOUR receives substantially more views than listings without a tour. Virtual tours add a “wow” factor to the property promotion and are an essential factor for property marketing.

I Pay For A Drone Aerial Video & Photography

Buyers want to learn about the area surrounding a property as much as they want to learn about the property itself. I use Rick Ward at RicksKopter to provide my clients with a high quality DRONE AERIAL VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY, which includes a 2-3 minute video with multiple clips and 3 HD resolution photos taken from a variety of angles and altitudes. Rick Ward is fully certified with Transport Canada.

Price! Price! Price!

It is the REALTORS® mantra: Location, location, location. But just as important when selling your home is PRICE! PRICE! PRICE! And while you can't do anything about the Location of your home, you are in total control of the Price you list it at. So now let's talk about price.

Do you want to sell your home or help sell your neighbor’s home?

It's quite simple, a Buyer is just not going to pay any more than they have to when purchasing a home. They have been watching the market closely, and are out there looking at the inventory. They know more than anyone what is available, and for how much. If your price is within the range of the market, Buyers will come and look at your home. If you're priced too high, they probably will skip it. Your high price will make your competition look good, and will get your neighbor’s house sold, not you! Remember, no matter what price a Seller “needs” to get for whatever reason, the market sets a value. Buyer’s simply don’t care what price a Seller “needs”!!! If you are serious about getting the best possible price for your home, you need to price it correctly from the start.

When Selling your home, time is not your friend.

When a home is listed for sale, I market it extensively right away, not only on MLS®, but in many other ways, both online and offline. Most local REALTORS® and Buyers will see it come on the market within days. As a result, interest will always peak within the first few weeks. Then, inquiries will start to decrease rapidly. It only takes a few months for your home to become "old" and "stale". If you’re not correctly priced when you first list, you will miss showing opportunities and your home is likely to sell below market value, or take a very long time to sell.

Don’t let your home become “old” and “stale”

A very common mistake sellers make is pricing their home too high in the beginning to "test the market". The thought is "we can always lower the price if we don't receive any offers" or "we need a cushion for negotiation." Unfortunately, most of the showing activity occurs when a home is first listed, within the first few weeks. Once the initial pool of Buyers have seen the house and it doesn't sell, your home becomes "old" and "stale" and Buyers loose interest. Importantly, Buyers typically feel that they should pay less than fair market value the longer a home has been on the market. In the end, you are likely to have to sell at below fair market value than if you had just priced it at fair market value right from the start.

My Continued Marketing Effort

Many REALTORS® seem to turn invisible and disappear after they get a listing. I don’t! I will work hard to market your house and keep you informed.

  • I use INTERFACExpress software to monitor how many Buyers and REALTORS® are viewing your listing, and compare the stats to other listing similar to yours.

  • A couple of weeks after you list, I use a powerful feature in INTERFACExpress to show you how many additional views you would get for various price drops. Sometimes a $5,000 price drop will result in a lot more views, other times a $25,000 price reduction will do nothing. The software is actually amazingly accurate at predicting all this! Unfortunately, most REALTORS® never use this tool.

  • I closely monitor other listings that are similar to yours, and let you know when they sell and how much they sell for.

  • I provide written feedback by email after every showing, so that you know exactly what other Buyers and REALTORS® are saying.



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